Super Melt Calcium Chloride Pellets


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Product Information

Calcium Chloride (CaCl2) is available in pellets or flake for ice control.

Ice Melters

Be prepared for winter’s worst weather by stocking up with Monson’s premium ice melting brand Super-Melt™. Super-Melt Calcium Chloride pellets melt snow and ice faster and at lower temperatures than any other ice melting products available.

Monson also carries the economical Ice-A-Way™ brand rock salt.

With nearly a half-century of experience serving the Northeast ice melter and antifreeze market, Monson is prepared to help you be prepared!

Optimize Your Sidewalk Ice Melting Program to Improve Winter Safety and Meet the Challenges of Today’s Business Climate.

Super-Melt™ Calcium Chloride pellets

  • Round shape allows pellet to bore through ice 3x faster than flat or crystal-shaped ice melters
  • Effective in a wider range of temperatures compared to other products, down to -25°F
  • Super-Melt creates its own heat while other products only draw heat from outside sources

Super-Melt convenient pack sizes

  • 35 lb poly PAIL  –  48 PAILS/plt
  • 20 lb poly BAG  –  100 BAGS/plt
  • 4 x 10 lb JUG  –  50 JUGS/plt
  • 9 x 5 lb BAG  –  45 BAGS/plt