Droll Yankees® Classic A-Series Silver Sunflower Bird Feeder, 1 lb. capacity, 20 in.

Droll Yankees

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The original iconic A-6F Classic Bird Feeder was brought back in 2015 from its five-year retirement. In 1969, Droll Yankees founder Peter Kilham invented the very first tubular bird feeder, the A-6F. Over one million A-6F feeders later, this feeder remains a classic. If one of your childhood memories is feeding and watching birds at home, chances are your family owned a Droll Yankees bird feeder!
  • 1 lb. capacity
  • Durable metal parts that squirrels can’t chew
  • Easy to clean; detachable cap allows for removal of all parts
  • Original silver color
  • UV-stabilized polycarbonate tube

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