Container Organic Garden Kit, Plastic


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Maintenance-free, patented EarthBox 4 pc gardening system controls soil conditions, eliminates guesswork, and more-than-doubles the yield of a conventional garden-with less fertilizer, less water, and virtually no effort! Perfect for people who don't have space for traditional gardens, or who want a container garden on their deck or patio. Dry, granular organic fertilizer provides plants with essential nutrients-exactly what they need, when they need it-in a single application. No feeding schedule, no guessing. Organic dolomite provides essential trace elements to support overall plant health and maintain pH with even blend of calcium and magnesium, dolomite also helps prevent Blossom End Rot (BER) on tomatoes and other fruit. Patented design allows growing media to contact 3-gallon capacity reservoir and draw water from the bottom up and incorporates air flow to prevent root rot and mold. Overflow drain makes it impossible to overwater. Food-safe, BPA-free, UV stabilized, recyclable.

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