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Dear friends, family and employees of Osborne’s Agway,

The Osbornes have carried the Agway name proudly since the Hooksett location opened its doors over 35 years ago. It was the first of three Osborne Agway stores to open over the next two decades. As a multigenerational dairy farm before that, the Osborne family has always been proud to serve the agricultural needs of the Northeast just like Agway, the farmer owned cooperative that began in 1964.

While the Agway name has given our stores tremendous opportunities that we are very thankful to have had, recently it has also gone through some changes. With these changes came challenges for the brand that were hard for us to overlook within our stores, especially in the last few years. While we remained hopeful that Agway would pull through their troubles, we decided to use these challenges as opportunities to find some new business relationships that would continue to make our stores stronger than ever before. We continued to foster and grow the existing relationships we already had: the relationships that would continue to bring our customers more of the products they have come to know and love.

We are thankful that we started to foster those old and new connections early, because sadly, as of July 2022, Agway Farm & Home Supply, LLC. filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy protections. With the uncertainty of the brand, Osborne’s Farm and Garden Centers are making a bittersweet announcement of a new but exciting phase in our journey as independent farm and garden centers in Hooksett, Concord and Belmont NH. With our business connections already made, we are certain that this transition will be virtually seamless for our customers and employees from here on out!

While we are disappointed that the Agway name will leave us, we know the business we have created is resilient like the farmers we represent and the farmers we have always been. We know that we will continue to serve the agricultural community for many years to come with the brands that continue to propel us into to the future with respect for the past. You will still see our favorite New England brands like Coast of Maine line our shelves. Family run Northeastern businesses like Poulin Grain will remain the staple in our warehouses, and Jonathan Green will continue to make great looking lawns, like they have been for 6 generations.

We are proud of who we are and who we are yet to become as independent farm, garden, and pet supply stores in Southern New Hampshire. Thank you for being there with us for the last 35+ years and continuing to see us through!


Osborne’s Farm and Garden Team

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