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Step, Turn, Pull and POP!

Weeds are fierce competitors for essential sunlight, nutrients and moisture. The Weasel Weed Popper Step & Twist makes it easy to remove many weeds, including dandelions, by using its unique plug-ejecting feature. Simply push the tines onto the weed, press down with your foot, twist the handles, and pop out the weed instantly, roots and all – with no chemical treatments!

Five Reasons to Use Weasel Weed Popper Step & Twist

1. Ergonomic design--no bending, kneeling or straining.
2. Great for all-natural control—no chemicals.
3. Great for digging holes to plant flowers.
4. Pops out plug of soil with weeds; eject right into compost or trash.
5. Open plug = aeration; or use WeedPopper Step & Twist to refill the hole with topsoil or grass plug.

Weed Control Tips

For the best lawns and gardens, try the following weed control techniques.

 Take care of your lawn. Dense, healthy lawns shade the soil and prevent weeds from germinating.
 When weeds appear, knock them out quickly so the seeds don’t spread.
 The WeedPopper Step & Twist is great for controlling grassy type weeds such as crabgrass and broadleaf weeds like dandelions and chickweed.
 Chemical herbicides can harm grass and flowers surrounding the weeds, but WeedPopper Step & Twist gets to the root of the problem without chemical treatments.

Product Features:

 Durable carbon steel
 Comfort-grip handle
 Overall height = 38”
 Lifetime Warranty

Using the Weasel Weed Popper Step & Twist

Hold the handle in an upright position and place the tines right over the weed. With your foot, push the tines into the root system of the weed. Step down swiftly with your foot, twist the handle, and extract the weed—roots and all. Finally, dispose of the weed plug by popping it out, and refill plugged area with topsoil, or grass plugs.

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